Introducing: Electric Sundae

Nicole’s new surfy, soul-pop duo with her wife Beth

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"When songstress Nicole Springer starting noodling the idea of potentially creating a new band, she didn’t have to look far for her performing partner-in-crime. Her wife Bethany Cain was both musically inclined and a willing participant. Now the two have created a new “surfy soul-pop duo”—a dream team who calls themselves Electric Sundae." - From


Nicole describes her sound as pop-folk but additional influences such as gospel, soul, and Motown that find their way into the mix.

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Looking to book a performer with a wide range of covers in their catalog? Nicole plays everything from Whitney to The Beach Boys

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Looking for a dynamic vocalist and guitarist with a wide range of original and cover songs? Nicole or The Nicole Springer Band is available to be booked for shows in the Kansas City area and beyond.


The Nicole Springer Band is now available for booking as a cover band called The Nicole Springer Band's Jukebox. Nicole is also providing virtual singing telegrams. Click the button to learn more.